I lead the Urban and Neighbourhood Change research group at the Department OTB - Research for the Built Environment, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. We aim to develop a better understanding of the relationships between socio-economic inequality, poverty and neighbourhoods and the people- and area-based policies developed to combat these inequalities. The group has a strong international reputation for research on socio-economic and ethnic segregation, neighbourhood effects, neighbourhood change, urban regeneration, residential mobility & migration, and housing. The staff has backgrounds in demography, sociology, geography & economics.

I have expertise in the fields of urban poverty and inequality, segregation, residential mobility and migration; neighbourhood effects; urban and neighbourhood change; housing market behaviour and housing choice; geography of labour markets; spatial mismatch of workers and employment opportunities; and the spatial organisation of cities. I have a special interest in the causes and consequences of both residential mobility and migration (why do people move residence and what are the consequences of moving for the housing, household and labour career?). My research is of an international and interdisciplinary nature. I have research projects in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finaland, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, and China. In 2011 I won a 2 million Euro personal EU-ERC grant to investigate Socio-spatial inequality, deprived neighbourhoods, and neighbourhood effects (DEPRIVEDHOODS).

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